Every week we receive letters from satisfied students, parents and teachers. If you would like to recommend the Cat model as well, please contact us. If you have never heard about the Cat model and would like to ask about it in order to find out whether it could be something for you or your child, email or phone us and we will tell you more.
”I’ve got a full score this entire autumn on my tests every week, and that’s about 15 English tests and 10 Swedish tests a week. I think it’s great!”
Anette Johansson, Dals Ed
“We have seen many youths who have been diagnosed with dyslexia throughout the years, but this is the first time that we see such huge progress, and we have tried numerous methods before.”
Lars Möller, Head of education at Gråmunkehöga, a treatment home for youths in Uppsala


“You cannot compare his self-image to what it used to be. Thank you!”
Anette Gustavsson, Trångsund


“I would like to express my gratitude for what you have done for my Johanna, who phoned me on Saturday night and said – while crying from joy – “Mum, I can read!”
Helen Glantz-Vilo, Vanda Finland.
“The reading was fluent and with such a speed, not a tendency towards sounding the words. It was so cool, a little bit of magic! I’m stunned.”
Birgitta Anconeus, Lund


“… when it comes to spelling the words in Swedish class, he often gets a full score now.” Elisabet Malmborg, Bålsta
“I’ve noticed major differences after only a few weeks so I can draw the conclusion that the Cat model is the only thing that works.”
Johan Wennström, politician, Karlsborg

“He even reads long words such as ”hippopotamus” without any major problems.”
Susanne Lagesson, Hovmantorp
“… I’ve never read so much in my life and it’s never been so easy and fun.”
Victoria Plass, Lidingö
“I wish we had contacted the Cat model before, because it works.”
Synöve Strandberg, Västerås


“We started with the Cat model a year ago and his reading has improved enormously. Even his teachers confirm this. Both reading and homework in different subjects have become more fun and his self-confidence has become a lot better. He doesn’t have headaches like he used to.”
Cate Morgan-Rundqvist, Dals-Ed
“I’m so upset with the school for not giving the children access to such an easy and effective method.”
Anette Aaröe, Gothenburg


”Before the Cat model, Pontus had four G’s (pass) and one IG (fail). Now he’s got seven G’s (pass), one VG (pass with distinction) and one MVG (pass with special distinction).”
Borghild Johanssen, Ed


”It has worked amazingly well and it is great to hear him read books voluntarily. Thanks for your help!”
Emma Ek (Ludvig’s mum), Örebro


”It has been a great course.”
Anton Buitron, Märsta (13 year old student)
”I can really recommend this course to those of you who have children with dyslexia or if you have problems reading or writing yourself.”
“You can do the same thing in a commercial break. You can practice everywhere, whenever you want basically. The Cat model is nothing like the ”school book method.”
“The other day when the kids went fishing, there was a poster and my son went straight up to it to read. That’s something he wouldn’t have done back in March, for example. He’s got a real interest in reading now. His school has noticed it as well. I just walk around smiling. So don’t give up. Everyone can learn to read. Age doesn’t matter.”
A longer extraxt from the letter from Barbro Skenya, Tidaholm
”It has worked very well. The words that I have learnt to spell by using the Cat model have stuck with me.”
Fernando Santillana, suffers from dyslexia and studies to become a Swedish teacher at the University of Stockholm
”Her spelling has improved a lot as well as her learning new words, whether it’s in Swedish, English or Spanish. Erika’s reading comprehension has become better. Thanks once again for a great course and the helpful support after the course.”
Magdalena Kindberg, Åkersberga


”We have practiced using the Cat model since the course in June, for barely two months. When I ask Linn if she experiences any difference, she says that her reading speed is much better and that it is easier for her to see “words as images” and thereby be able to spell them. I recognize that her ability to read words is much faster now when we practice and she is rarely mistaken. ”
Göran Olsson, Karlskoga


“Thank you for a great course last Sunday. Jonathan was very positive after the course and that in itself means progress for us, since he has always hated everything that has to do with reading.”
Åsa Deile, Södertälje
”I noticed that the more he practiced using the Cat model, the more confident Johan became when it came to spelling the words.”
Anita Aspeqvist, special needs teacher in Mjölby municipality
”I was very sceptical before I came here but you’ve proved me wrong. Thank you!”
Jessica Lindström, Vallentuna


I just want to share our happy story. My son Emanuel and I have done the course twice in Gothenburg. He used to suffer from serious dyslexia. It was so bad that we had to start by practicing two-letter words at home. We kept on practicing and he took the course once again the following year. After that something happened. His goal was to be able to go the cinema on his own and read the subtitles. And in December 2010 it happened! Emanuel was so proud when he, at the age of 14, went with his sister to see the Harry Potter movie and was able to read the subtitles by himself. He didn’t have time to read all the words, but he was able to enjoy the film.
That memory still makes my eyes tear. It was an amazing victory! Only someone who has had reading and writing difficulties would be able to understand.
In Emanuel’s school they have of course noticed the change and are amazed at his progress. We keep on practicing his reading and writing. He is constantly developing and it feels so great and gratifying having tools that actually work. I want to thank you for your work!
Best regards,
Annika Nyman, Gothenburg


”After suffering from dyslexia for over thirty years it is mindboggling giving up the thought of it. It’s surprising that it is so easy to learn new words and to spell, the problem was only bad technique. Nowadays I practice using my whiteboard and it is becoming more automatic. New doors have opened up so thank you!”
Lotta Berger, Hägersten
“I have to tell you. Yesterday Ferdinand came home from school and told me that his homework was to learn loads of words in English (approximately 35 words). In class they get a test on the words and they have to spell them and translate them. And I thought to myself: ”how is that going to work?” We started practicing. After repeating the words twice he had it under control and I was really surprised. He’d never learnt that fast before. He knew some of the words from before, some he learnt on the spot and when it came to the more difficult/unusual words he had to focus for a while, evoke the word image and the spell the words!!! I still don’t know if I can believe the luck or if it is really thanks to the Cat model. JI want to believe in it later on, but it takes a little bit more before I can allow myself to be entirely convinced. YES!!!”
Clarice Bäcklund, Väståboland, Finland


“In April I participated with my student Ferdinand (12 years old) in your course in Helsinki. It was a very exciting day! We went back to Pargas full of expectations and started to practice. I practiced with Ferdinand every day in school. It worked very well! Completely amazing!
Ferdinand’s bad self-confidence was nowhere to bee seen and he looked so proud when he spellt words backwards and forwards. As a teacher I was stunned to see how talented he was. Then the summer break came and we decided that his mum would take over… Today I received a very positive mail from Ferdinand and his mum. They have practiced every day! I can’t wait for next week when school starts again to see what has happened with Ferdinand. At the end of May, Ferdinand took a dyslexia test and his result was one Stanine higher than before he took the course. AMAZING! We have only practiced for four weeks.
Update: When Ferdinand took a dyslexia test four months after the course his score was Stanine 3.”
Susanne Båge, form teacher, Väståboland, Finland


”There’s an enormous difference in my reading. One year ago I would never have opened a book. I would have thought it too hard to read. Now I enjoy reading.”
Måns Hansen, Stockholm
“I’m overwhelmed. Last night I read half a crime novel. And I had never read a book before. It used to be too hard.”
Magnus Blomström, Junsele.


“Yesterday when Sandra came home from school she was glowing. She said: “Mum, you won’t believe what I’ve done! I’m going to write a book in English in three weeks. And I’ve already made a mind map in school”

I’m so happy and I believe in the future more than I have done in a long time. Later on she told me that she and another girl in her form were the only ones who had scored full points on the latest English assignment. I felt so proud! Imagine that a ”Cat” can do so much!”
Camilla F Andrén, Gothenburg


“He not only reads and writes so much better, he’s also a guy with so much more self-confidence. “
Caroline Meyer Lagersparre, Stockholm


“Today he’s even confessed that he’s been helped by the Cat model. So I’m a big fan.  ;-)“
Jenny Nykvist, Ed

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