The Cat model has received a lot of positive attention in the media. Below you will find a selection of articles and programmes. Please note that the headings are translated and that the original articles are in Swedish.

Press cuttings and articles published online
“Victoria overcame dyslexia using the Cat model”, Part 1 and part 2, Aftonbladet
The Cat model in Vasa 2011”, Vasabladet
The Cat model is back in Dals-Ed”, Dalslänningen
New method can help people with dyslexia”, Aftonbladet
The Cat model gave Evelina her self-confidence back”, Bohuslänningen
Parents delighted with new method for overcoming dyslexia”, Vetlandaposten
Dyslexic Victoria learns to read using images”, Metro
New model helps people with reading and writing difficulties”, Sos Aktuellt
The Cat model trains the mind to see the word as an image”, Activa
The Cat model in the Haga school”, Dalslänningen
Didrik and Caroline learn the Cat model”,
The Cat model – new method for overcoming dyslexia”,

Studio 1 reports on the Cat model’s project in the municipality of Dals-Ed, Swedish Radio P1. The report (in Swedish) is available for download here.
Arena – report on the Cat model on Finnish radio (the programme is in Swedish and starts after 15 seconds).

TV4 interview with Anina Koch who used to suffer from serious dyslexia. She learnt how to read and write using the Cat model. She is accompanied in studio by Robert Johansson and Patrick Lindblad, founders of the Cat model.

Datero is an association based in Vasa, Finland. The purpose of the association is to provide dyslexic people with information and educational aids. The Swedish language section at the Finnish public service broadcaster YLE became interested and produced a news report about it.

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