More about the Cat model

People sometimes say that “a picture says more than a thousand words”. In the Cat model, the process of reading and writing is visual and the method is based on mental training. It is a method for those who have suffered from dyslexia for a few years and who are likely to have tried a traditional phonetic method, but without result.

We start by a one-day course for the pupil and the parents, during which we teach the Cat model and document the initial changes. After the course, the pupil needs to practise at home using the handbook that is included in the course. It is advisable to practise 1 to 3 minutes a day. You can practise with your pupil wherever you want, whether you are in the car, on holiday or at home on the couch or by your desk.

Many people notice an improvement directly after the first course. You and your pupil both have access to a free telephone support. The only prerequisite for the course is that the pupil knows the alphabet. You don’t need any other preparation or material before taking the course.

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