About the Catmodel


Easy, effective and self-motivating
The Cat model is an easy and effective method for overcoming and preventing dyslexia and other types of reading and writing difficulties. It is fun and self-motivating. This also applies to people who have previously tried other methods and who have strongly disliked everything that has to do with reading and writing.

Experience, results and studies have shown that many dyslexic people find it helpful seeing the words as images, as opposed to sounding the words, and that is the starting point for the Cat model.
Independent tests have shown that the Cat model is highly successful. Pupils who used the method doubled their reading speed and improved their spelling by 167 per cent after only 6 months.
To find out more, click on “More about the Cat model”. On the Press page there is a collection of articles and commentaries from parents and pupils (NB the articles are in Swedish). If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us by email or phone and we will help you.

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