The Cat Model: Acclaimed method for overcoming dyslexia

Effective, fast and self-motivating. The Cat model helps children and adults to overcome dyslexia.

No more reading or writing difficulties

The method teaches visual and mental training and it gives a notable result after a short period of time – the once so frustrating reading and writing difficulties disappear. The Cat model is taught to groups and to individuals (private classes). It is also available to schools and municipalities.

The Cat model – for children, youths and adults

Many of our pupils have previously tried traditional phonetic methods, but without result. However, by following the Cat model some of them have even learnt to read and spell words backwards. The references and articles on the Press page testify to this.

Develop your ability and defeat dyslexia

The Cat model is taught in one day. Following the course, the pupil needs
to practise 3 to 4 minutes a day with a parent or tutor who also takes part in
the one-day course. Many of our course participants describe how their reading and writing have become as easy as riding a bike. At first you have to think about how you pedal and keep the balance, but shortly thereafter you don’t even think about it, you just hop on your bike and ride away, just like everyone else. If you want to learn more about the Cat model, click on “Information about the dyslexia and the Cat model, Q&A


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